Successful Entrepreneurs in Malaysia


Tan Sri Robert Kuok Hock Nien
Tan Sri Robert Kuok Hock Nien is Chinese millionaires Malaysia. According to Forbes estimated his net worth was $11.1 billion in 2015 Sept, making him the richest man in Malaysia. Tan Sri Robert Kuok was Kerry Group Limited Chairman of the Board.
"Proactive" means control of the situation and make things happen or to prepare for a possible future problem.
Tan Sri Robert Kuok as proactive entrepreneurs. He started a new business or a business that has not been taken up by other entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Tan Sri Robert Kuok famous for his initiative in which he was the first person involved in the sugar business in Malaysia. It was courageous for her to start a business because there is no sugar that has been engaged in the industry before. He said he took the initiative to start a business trading in the sugar business since sugar is very important in the food sector. He also said that the sugar business is a simple business with the cheapest raw sugar, a man can become rich. (Robert Kuok Interview (with English subtitles, 2013) .Tan Sri Robert Kuok founded Sugar Manufacturing Malaysia in collaboration with Mitsui Bussan Kaisha Limited and Nissan Sugar Refinery in 1959. In 1968, he expanded his business to the sugar trade in sugar production. He starts a sugarcane plantation and started a joint venture with the government. After that, he established Perlis Plantations Bhd (PPB) and Perlis state government to clear 5,800 hectares of land for planting sugarcane FELDA owned. In early 1970, he set up a second sugar mill, refinery Kuala Perlis Felda Sdn Bhd and Felda plantation near. Tan Sri Robert Kuok continues to expand its sugar business internationally. In 1960, he expanded his business in Indonesia. Tan Sri Robert Kuok together with the big sugar producers and refiners, operated and Liong Liem Sioe develop sugar plantations and refineries in southern Sumatera. Finally, he had mastered 80% of the Malaysian sugar market (production of 1.5 million tonnes of sugar) which is equivalent to 10% of world sugar trade. In short, the initiatives of the sugar business to business give him the opportunity to build a business empire, and thus dubbed the "Sugar King of Asia".

Loh Boon Siew
Boon Siewwas born in China. He spent his childhood collecting farrow (use as fuel) to make a living or survival. At the Aged of 12, he arrived Penang with a small boat from China with five colleagues, among them LohSay Bee and LohPohHeng. He can speak only Hokkien and have almost no formal education. He worked as an apprentice car mechanic when he arrived Malaysia. Boon Siew said that he hit his head every time he did something wrong. He stayed at keng’ at 4, Katz Street, Penangand he supplemented his income by washing buses at night to 10 cents per vehicle.
The definition of visionary is showing or having a clear idea of ​​what should happen and do in the future and having or showing a strong imagination. From Boon Siew live we ​​can know that he is a visionary person, with the characteristics of entrepreneurs Boon Siew are able to become a successful entrepreneur and also knew entrepreneurs around the world. At age 18, Boon Siew buy 11 buses uses his $ 2,000 in savings. He repaired the bus and sell it for $ 12,000. He used the money earned to bring another 39 buses. In 1942, during World War II, his money was seized by the Japanese forces that attacked. After the second world war ended in 1945 and Japan was defeated, he began selling bicycles, tires and motorcycle accessories, and soon he expanded his business to a used of car, bus and transportation.
In 1950, Boon Siew enter into real estate development with his friends who is PohHengand Say Bee to build residential villas at Taman Saw Kit in Penang. His work was continued by his Boon Siew Group.
In 1958, Boon Siew noticed the popularity of Honda Super Cub motorcycle that was just introduced in Japan. He believes that this low-cost, high-efficiency engine will have a very good markets and grow rapid in urbanization area of Malaysia. This shows that Boon Siew is visionary, after that he continued plans to meet with Mr.Soichiro, who is the creator of the Honda, and quickly convinced him to establish a subsidiary Honda in Malaysia.
Finally, the factory of Honda Cub was built in Penang and the assembled of Honda motorcycle in Malaysia was renamed to the Boon Siew Honda. After that, Honda Cub was became the best sold of motorcycle in Malaysia and Boon Siew was knew as the first person who bring the Honda Cub into Southeast Asia.

Anthony Francis Fernandes
Tan Sri Anthony Francis Fernandes is a successful entrepreneur in Malaysia. He was shorting his name to Tony Fernandes. Tony Fernandes was born in Kuala Lumpur on 30 April 1964, in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur Hospital, from Indian family. His father is the World Health Organization (WHO) doctor and mother is a businessman. Since childhood, Tony Fernandes live with his mother. In 1987, Tony Fernandes graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting from LSE University. After a lifetime of education, he worked as an auditor with Virgin Atlantic. In 1991, Tony Fernandes became the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants expert (ACCA), and he was upgraded to a fellow member of the Association in 1996. Tony Fernandes joined Warner Music after he returning to Malaysia in 1992 and he became the youngest Managing Director in that company. Then, Tony Fernandes is promoted to vice president of Warner Musia Asia. In 2001, Tony Fernandes was left from Warner Music and go to pursue his dream to start a budget no-frills airline.
On 2 December 2001, Tony Fernandes' company Tune Air Sdn Bhd to bought the AirAsia with sum of one ringgit (about USD 0.26 at the time), along with USD 11 million in debt (about MYR 40 million at the time). After Tony Fernandes take over AirAsia, that company turn a profil in 2002. Then AirAsia to open several new routes at Kuala Lumpur as the hub airports and promotional price of 1 ringgit ($0.27) price to attract consumers. This is because Tony Fernandes was noticing is no all consumer able to take the plane because have a lot of category low income. So, he offer this promotional to make all consumer able to pay with this price and this also can attract other competitor's customer. AirAisa operates scheduled domestic and international flight to 100 destinations spanning 22 countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia. This make the consumer convenience to them destination with low cost. AirAsia was have good services to their customers. Tony Fernandes was know have customer for category muslim. So, AirAsia it does not serve alcoholl or pork to customers. For this we can know Tony Fernandes is a highly observant entrepreneur. From Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, observant meaning is good at noticing things around you. Tony Fernandes was noticing consumer was different category and culture. So, he provided the most comfortable service to consumers AirAsia.

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    1. The Chinese Malaysian tycoon Robert Kuok made his money in sugar, palm oil, shipping and property. And he did share his point of view on how to make money during Kuok Group’s 60th Anniversary called “Robert Kuok Hock Nien notes on the past sixty years”, read it at:

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